Nail Supply Store’s website to open in Palermo

Nail Supply Store’s website to open in Palermo

June 18, 2021 Comments Off on Nail Supply Store’s website to open in Palermo By admin

An online nail supply chain is coming to Palerio in an attempt to revive its reputation as one of Italy’s best-known and best-loved brands. 

The brand has been struggling to gain any traction in Italy and has been on a downward spiral for some time, with the company’s stock trading at around €15 per share in the recent past.

The online store Nail Supply will open in a small office in Pala, just south of Palerma, with the main floor, which has a large gift shop and a small salon, also due to open later this year. 

It is the latest venture by the company and a move that has been met with scepticism from some locals who claim it will only attract new customers, but that its plans for the new store are far from a done deal. 

“The company is already preparing the shop for opening and its staff will also have their first taste of working in a salon,” a local told the daily La Repubblica. 

Meanwhile, the company has launched its own Nike+ platform to help with its online store, which aims to allow consumers to buy the nail supplies from around the world, in addition to buying individual products from the Nails store. 

Its aim is to compete with the well-known Nikes store, whose main location is in Rome, and the CVS chain, which have been struggling in recent years with competition from other nail brands such as Stones, Shampoos and more. 

Nate Mazzone, who heads the Nails store, said that the online shop would be the biggest step the company had taken in terms of building up its reputation in Italy, but added that it was a step for a number of reasons.

“The aim of our launch is to create a space for people to get the nail supply they want from the world’s leading brands,” he told La Republique. 

“[It is] also a way to help establish our brand as a trustworthy brand, which is something that we feel very passionate about.”

The launch comes just a few months after Nole, the flagship Noles flagship brand, was forced to close its online shop due to financial problems. 

 The company’s online shop was shut down after a payment dispute with the parent company, the Italian chain Sapphire, which was in a dispute with the Sale group, which owns Noles. 

Following the closure of the online shop, Nolans website suddenly crashed, with customers unable to buy anything online.

While the company is yet to confirm how long the company will be open, Mazzones claims the closure was not related to the payment disagreement. 

This is in line with Niles owners claim that Nolicole, which has since been taken over by the sales group Sellers, was never meant to be the sole online outlet. 

However, Maza says that the sale group was forced to shut the online store down because of the financial difficulties it was facing. 

Mazzone believes that the closure will give the brand a boost, and that the new shop will help it attract new users.

“I think we are going to create new customers.

We have a lot of them, and I think they will be able to use it,” he said. 

While Nelons plans to open a small shop, the shop’s main floor will be expanded with a gift shop and salon.

“We are going into a new phase, with a more luxurious space, a more exclusive salon, a gift store, more products and even more space for guests,” Mazziello added.

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