When the weather gets cold again in the US: A look at the weather extremes

When the weather gets cold again in the US: A look at the weather extremes

July 11, 2021 Comments Off on When the weather gets cold again in the US: A look at the weather extremes By admin

On Wednesday, it was the coldest, driest and hottest weather in the country in two decades, according to the National Weather Service.

It was also the first time the weather in Colorado was below freezing since January 2017.

The weather in some places, like Denver, was particularly cold, with the mercury dropping as low as -31°F (-26°C) in some areas and reaching -38°F (0°C).

The National Weather Forecast Center in Denver said it’s too early to say whether this will continue, but the city has seen temperatures drop below freezing in two of the past three months.

The Colorado Rockies, one of the country’s most popular outdoor sports, has been a hotbed for extreme weather, with snowfall topping 2 feet in some parts and temperatures plummeting below zero in others.

In August, the Rockies hosted the World Baseball Classic, where temperatures dipped to below zero.

The city saw temperatures drop to -18°F, a new record low.

And in February, temperatures fell to -21°F in a record low for the city.

It was the first day of winter in the city, but even then, temperatures were above freezing, according the Weather Channel.

The temperature records for August and March are tied for the warmest on record, according Weather.com.

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