A roofing product to keep abreast of the rising Israeli market

A roofing product to keep abreast of the rising Israeli market

September 27, 2021 Comments Off on A roofing product to keep abreast of the rising Israeli market By admin

A roofer with an extensive history of working with Palestinian workers will be given a contract to install new roofing systems in a settlement.

Kavli, an Israeli company that offers building construction services, will install the roofing system for the settlement of Beit Sawa.

The new roof is part of a growing trend of Israeli companies buying and selling Palestinian products to the Israeli market.

The market is growing by more than 25% a year since the Oslo Accords, and is expected to reach $200 billion by 2019, according to a recent report by Israeli brokerage Beytenu.

A growing market for Israeli products has been a growing source of tension between the two sides, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accusing the Palestinians of “favoring terrorists,” and Israel accusing the Palestinian Authority of allowing the Israeli occupation to continue.

“There is an Israeli-Palestinian dispute that is growing more and more intense,” said Nitzan Dahan, chief executive of the Palestinian Development Bank.

“The price of Israeli products in the Palestinian market is very high, and this is creating a situation that is creating friction and a real threat.”

Israel has also imposed a travel ban on the Palestinians for several years, and a new ban on goods destined for the Palestinian territories has not been lifted.

But Dahan and other Palestinian rights advocates say the new contract will be a major boost for the company.

“This will be an excellent opportunity to make the products available to the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza,” he said.

“They will have access to a product that they need and are able to use and enjoy,” Dahan added.

The company will be able to get new systems, which are cheaper than what they have now, at a lower price than what the Palestinian companies are getting now, said Dahan.

“And they will have a new system for their homes and their buildings that will be installed.”

Dahan said the contract will allow the company to keep the products in Gaza, which is still under Israeli military control.

But the company is now also getting new systems for its Israeli clients.

The agreement will not include any payments, according a company spokesperson.

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