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Arnold Motor Supply: $1.2M to Help Support Loses in New Hampshire

August 24, 2021 Comments Off on Arnold Motor Supply: $1.2M to Help Support Loses in New Hampshire By admin

LOS ANGELES — Arnold Motor Supply Inc. (AMSI) has donated $1,215,000 to the state of New Hampshire, a spokesman said Thursday.

The donation, made during the annual Arnold Motor Supplies Association Annual Conference in St. Albans, New Hampshire on Friday, comes amid growing competition for supplies from the automotive and motorcycle industry, said spokesman Brian Ritchie.

The company has been working with the state since January to help with its growing needs, he said.

The state has about 6,500 employees, about 3,000 of whom are in New England, Ritchie said.

New Hampshire is trying to address the shortage by introducing a new tax credit program, and it also is offering a $1 million scholarship for students who complete a bachelor’s degree in a trade, Rizzo said.

The state has already offered more than $1 billion in tax credits, he added.

New Hampshire also has a $500,000 incentive program for businesses to invest in equipment and manufacturing and has offered more incentives in the past year.

The program is available to businesses with at least $100 million in sales or payroll in the state, Rizosaid.