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Canning supplies are available for sale at the site of the original Wholesale Party Supply warehouse in Kildare

August 23, 2021 Comments Off on Canning supplies are available for sale at the site of the original Wholesale Party Supply warehouse in Kildare By admin

Kildarra will soon be home to the first commercial cannabis farm in the world.

SiteOne has partnered with the Wholesaler’s Warehouse, a company that operates the original site of Wholesalers Wholesales, to supply cannabis for a variety of products.

SiteTwo is a large, enclosed space that is currently used for large scale retail cannabis, as well as some smaller, personal use cannabis growing.

The former Wholesaling Building will be transformed into a grow house and retail space.

The Wholesaled Building, which is located in Kilda, has been used by Wholesalgreen for over 40 years and has had a large number of visitors over the years.

The building has a beautiful interior design and was built to last.

The building will be completely renovated and replaced with a new, fully functional cannabis grow facility, with the original space, the existing storage space, a garden and an indoor terrace.

SiteThree, which has a capacity of up to 1,500 square metres, is currently undergoing refurbishment and will be able to accommodate more than 100 patients at a time.

It is also being converted into a medical cannabis facility, where patients will be housed.

The third new facility is a residential facility that will be the site for a small, indoor garden that will allow patients to grow their own food, whilst also allowing them to experience the beauty of the gardens on a more intimate level.

The site is now fully operational, with all three facilities currently being fully licensed.

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