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Vet supply crisis: What you need to know

September 18, 2021 Comments Off on Vet supply crisis: What you need to know By admin

The number of vet supplies being supplied to Australian vets is “unprecedented” according to a new report, which warns of shortages of vital medicines.

In recent months the Department of Health has been trying to find ways to make sure vets can access the medicines they need, but said it has found the supply is “not sustainable”.

“The current shortage is unsustainable and has a high potential for diversion,” the report says.

“We believe it would be inappropriate for a state or territory government to impose a supply restriction on the supply of certain medicines.”

The report comes after a number of major hospital closures in Victoria and the ACT last year.

“The urgent need to ensure that all vets in Victoria have the same access to lifesaving drugs is of paramount importance,” the National Veterinary Council (NVCA) said in a statement.

“As a nation, we have a duty to ensure all Australians can access lifesaving veterinary medicines.”

It is our duty to supply all veterinary patients with veterinary medicines they can rely on.

“But the report said the situation is now so dire that it would make no sense for Victoria to require vets to buy their own supplies, or that the Victorian Government to allow it.

The National Veterinary Society of Australia (NVSA) said that while the Victorian government has not yet implemented a supply freeze, there is a lack of funding to provide vets with the medicines that they need.

“Vets need to be able to get the medicine they need to get on with their lives, not just get on their feet.” “

When you have such a shortage, there’s a real risk of people getting sick,” she said.

“Vets need to be able to get the medicine they need to get on with their lives, not just get on their feet.”

NVCA’s report found the situation was “unfortunate”, with many vets struggling to get enough medicine from the Government, and said the number of urgent orders had risen by over 100 per cent in recent months.

“There’s a serious shortage of essential medicines in Victoria,” Dr Dyer added.

Vets can’t access essential medicines because the Government does not have the funding, according to the NVSA. “

People need access to these medicines.”

Vets can’t access essential medicines because the Government does not have the funding, according to the NVSA.

“The Government is not providing the funding and it’s not a state-based problem,” she explained.

The National Federation of Veterinary Practitioners (NVPA) said its members were also being affected by the shortage. “

If the Victorian State Government were to make a commitment to help provide the medicines to vets, they would get the funding.”

The National Federation of Veterinary Practitioners (NVPA) said its members were also being affected by the shortage.

It said the shortage had been a growing concern for many vets for some time.

“Many vets are struggling to find affordable supplies for their essential medicines,” NVPA general secretary David Mollison said.

“[The NVSA’s report] makes the case for the Government to support local vets in their efforts to ensure a stable supply of essential veterinary medicines for their vets.”

The NVPA is urging Victoria’s Minister for Health, Peter Dutton, to consider whether to introduce a supply limit, or if the Government could be forced to provide some funding.

The Government said it was committed to working with local councils to provide access to essential veterinary medications.

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Aussie vet supplies vet supply for pet vets

July 20, 2021 Comments Off on Aussie vet supplies vet supply for pet vets By admin

Aussie vets are offering a range of pet supplies to pet vets in the region in an effort to boost their business.

In Victoria, vets are currently only able to provide supplies through a number of vets, but these are being expanded by the NSW Government to include supplies from local suppliers.

A local vet will be able to supply supplies to vets on a case-by-case basis, but the NSW Vet Council says it is a great opportunity for vets to get a foothold in the pet industry in an area where they may not be used to.

Dr John Maitland, of the NSW Veterinary Council, said vets could get a foot in the door if they are able to establish themselves.

“Vets are going to be a really good source of revenue for us, and it is really about the supply side,” he said.

“And it is about people being able to access this as well as a sense of belonging to the industry.”

Dr Maitlands’ hope is that the supply of supplies will enable vets to find new customers.

“There is so much opportunity in the local veterinary sector, and so much potential to increase business,” he told 7.30.

“We have had a good run, we have had an amazing time, but we need to keep expanding, we need more people to come to us, so we need a lot more resources to come in.”

A number of the supplies currently in stock by local vets can be purchased through the NSW Pet Supplies website.

Dr Maimons advice to vets was to go for local suppliers first.

“If you can’t get to one of the larger suppliers, then look at the smaller suppliers, you might be able have a chance at getting the supplies that you need,” he explained.

“Once you get the bigger suppliers, make sure that you are doing it in a way that supports the business.”

They are the ones who are going out to vets and buying their supplies.

“For vets in WA, a vet supply may be a great chance to get into the local vet supply business.

A vet supply from a local vet is likely to cost $50-$100 more than a generic vet supply.

Dr Andrew White, CEO of the WA Veterinary Supplies Association, said the supplies could be a boost for vets and their patients.”

It’s great for the vets, it’s great to have the confidence that they’re going to get what they need and get the best veterinary supply,” he says.”

The supply can be a big plus to the vets as well, so it is good for the business as well.


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Medical supply company says it’s closing its Oregon operation and plans to move operations to Arizona

June 18, 2021 Comments Off on Medical supply company says it’s closing its Oregon operation and plans to move operations to Arizona By admin

Medical supply chain management company Merkley Supply Group is ending operations in Oregon, citing low demand for its products and the state’s limited supply of the specialty products it sells.

Merkley’s Oregon operation, based in Bend, has been in business for more than 40 years.

It was originally established in the state by former Oregon Gov.

Frank Schulte in the 1970s and was one of the first supply companies to export medical supplies.

Merchants say demand for their products has grown in recent years, however, and they are now in the process of shutting down their Oregon operations.

The company said in a statement that it expects to be able to find a new location in Arizona, where its operations are located.

In a statement to Business Insider, Merkleys president, Jim Riddle, said that Merklyn Supply Group, based at Portland, Oregon, “has been the leader in the medical supply industry in Oregon for decades and we believe our success lies in our ability to provide our customers with quality, timely, and reliable products.”

Riddle said the company had invested $10 million to start its Oregon operations, and was focused on building up the state supply chain and providing its customers with the best products available.

He said that although Merkly had had some difficulties, its quality and value of supply was “thousands of times higher than competitors and it is a great fit for our business.”

Merklyn, a nonprofit company, has a network of about 4,000 suppliers across the U.S.

The company said that while Merkyns products were “the highest quality available in the market today, we are also able to offer a greater selection of specialty products and better quality services,” and that it planned to continue its Oregon footprint and expand the Oregon supply chain.

Riddle declined to say what the company plans to do with its remaining stores.

“We are focused on our business, and we will be investing in our Oregon and Arizona locations in the near future,” he said.

“Our focus is on expanding our footprint and we look forward to opening more Oregon stores in the future.”

Merkley’s announcement comes as Oregon’s governor has announced a plan to expand the state health care system to provide more options for patients and reduce costs for consumers.

State lawmakers have approved a $5 billion expansion of Medicaid, which covers low-income Oregonians, and the Oregon Health Authority is currently evaluating how it can expand the health care program.

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